宮本 裕士
サイトオーナー 宮本 裕士
Site owner Hiroshi Miyamoto

  今まで『未来ネット美術館』のサイトを利用して作品をアップしていましたが、中々更新が面倒なので、『絵画の部屋』としてリニューアルすることにしました。 元の作品集『未来ネット美術館』は、元のアドレス(に戻してありますので、よろしくお願いします。


The purpose of making and running this Home Page
I've uploaded the pictures of my works through the site of "MIRAI-NET ART MUSIUM" by now, but since updating it is troublesome, it is decided to renew through "ART ROOM". The original work collections "MIRAI-NET ART MUSIUM" has been returned to the original address (, thank you.

Colors of works and so on
I cannot change oil paintings into JPEG files without taking pictures. And when I intend to reduce JPEG files, even if being taken directly by a scanner, are missing several original colors, though I try to adjust it as much as possible. I should say, I renew them little by little.


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